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MODX 2.3 redesign (pt II)

Here's a quick update on some more MODX 2.3 design work and a follow on from my previous post. An upcoming work commitment and some time off means I'm handing these in a little earlier than planned. Despite some inconsistencies and a general tidy up, I'm pretty happy with them. Another two or three days design work would probably take them across the finish line but it's… View More


MODX 2.3 Redesign. An Evolution of Revolution

While the goal here is to contribute something worthwhile to the community that can be further improved upon (MODX is Open Source), it’s also a slightly selfish endeavour. Using MODX every day means I have a very real interest in seeing the interface become a little less cluttered, a little more user-friendly and perhaps a little more about the user and their content goals than the technology upon which the CMS is… View More


12 FAQs about Content Management Systems

What is a Content Management System (CMS)? A CMS (Content Management System) is software that allows you and your team to update your own website in-house. By logging into a secure area of the CMS, you can create, edit, remove and move pages around your site to suit your Marketing activities. The CMS is generally installed on your server and can be accessed online from a PC, laptop or even… View More


Russian Malware affects 100,000+ Wordpress Sites. Many site owners unaware they've been infected.

Website security firm Securi have revealed that over 100,000+ WordPress websites have been infected with a mysterious Russian malware nicknamed SoakSoak. Google have been quick to take action to protect their users by blacklisting over 11,000 infected sites. Effectively taking them off line, visitors to these infected sites will now find their site replace with the following… View More